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Default [game] Google Project Stream

03-10-18, 18:26 #1

Project Stream is Google’s new game streaming service that aims to deliver console and PC gaming via the Chrome browser with no need for any extra hardware.

Game streaming has been around in many forms now, from the early days with On Live to the present day with PS Now and Nvidia GeForce NOW. None have really set the world on fire, but there is certainly a market for it and the concept of playing blockbuster games on a potato is quite appealing.

Aside from not having ‘Now’ in the title, it’s unsure how different Google’s Project Stream will be from the Playstation and Nvidia streaming services. It claims to offer 1080p gaming at 60fps though picture quality has never really been a problem with steaming games, lag is the biggest downfall so it’ll be interesting if Google has anything up its sleeve to combat that. One clear benefit of Google’s service is that you don’t need any dedicated hardware or software – all you need is anything that runs the latest Chrome browser and a controller or mouse and keyboard to play the game.

At present the Project Stream beta sign up is limited to the USA and anyone who makes it into the Beta will be able to play the new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey game for free in it. There are some caveats though – you’ll need a 25mbps internet connection, you’ll need a Ubisoft account, you’ll need a Google account, you won’t be able to purchase any microtransactions and you’ll lose access to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey when the Beta finishes in mid-January.

It’ll most likely be a long time until playing games via streaming services is the best way to play games, but Google’s Project Stream may at least end up being the most convenient way to play them. You’d be able to access your gaming library everywhere – all you’d need are your sign in details and a Google Chrome browser. Sign up for the Beta to get a taste of what could very well be the future of video game streaming.
Para quem tá nos eua, segue o link pro beta: https://projectstream.google.com/aco/location

Eae, o que voces acham? Será que vinga?
E como isso impactaria a indústria de hardware?

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XFIRE ID: carniceiru
04-10-18, 14:22 #2
Vai impactar em nada, só jogo pra casual e olhe lá, a Google não entende nada de jogos!

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Gamertag: ksnrodrigoms PSN ID: rodrigo_machado
04-10-18, 15:53 #3
E o seu canal/blog/vlog de games yahoo?

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