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Default Bill & Ted day (6/9 - June 9th)

12-04-16, 16:31 #1
PARTY ON, DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um salve a um dos filmes mais épicos de todos os tempos. \o/

Once again, we're totally declaring 6/9 - "Bill & Ted Day"!

This June 9th, show your appreciation for Bill & Ted in any way you can:

• Watch the movies. (Available Here: http://amzn.to/1xrHMJx)
• Hold a screening party with your friends.
• Call someone "dude".
• Use this page to arrange a Bill & Ted-themed meetup with other fans near you.
• Change your profile pictures on social media to anything Bill & Ted related, with mention of it being for Bill & Ted Day.
• If you work with a TV or radio station, video channel, website, blog or podcast and will be mentioning it, share it on this page!
• If you work with a movie theater and will be screening one or both of the films that day, post the details here!
• Post your favorite quotes on Twitter with hashtags #BillAndTed & #BillAndTedDay.
• Quote on Facebook and tag this page.
• Post your fan art on this page to be shared.
• Post photos of how you're celebrating the day.
• Patronize a Circle K.
• Invite your friends to this event.
• Spend a moment playing air guitar.
• Wear Bill & Ted-themed clothing.
• Recite some lyrics, dude.
• Be excellent to each other!
Tem um evento no facebook. ahhaha

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