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Default Elder Scrolls 6

11-06-18, 11:56 #1

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11-06-18, 13:51 #2
Já era sabido que, um dia, Elder Scrolls 6 iria ser lançado. O "quando?" era a pergunta a ser respondida. Com esse trailer, a gente já sabe que deve sair antes de 2022. Menos mau.

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27-04-20, 16:55 #3
HUGE Elder Scrolls 6 Leak - Release Date, Game Mechanics, Setting & More

From the release date to 100-man battles, this is huge.

As ever with leaks, take this one with a pinch of salt, but a bunch of alleged Elder Scrolls 6 details have made their way onto the Internet. First posted on the Elder Scrolls fandom forums, it's a classic case of 'I heard this from a friend who heard it from a friend," but there is some evidence to support the poster's claims, including a picture of an NDA document apparently for the game.

According to the report, the game will be titled 'Redfall' and take place across two locations instead of one, those being Hammerfall and High Rock. Like Skyrim, these areas will be made up of a bunch of factions and cities, each with their own interests.

As a result, the focus of the story is the conflict between these houses and parties, essentially taking the Civil War conflict from Skyrim and blowing it out on a much larger scale. To compliment this, Bethesda is apparently focused on building epic battles with dozens, if not hundreds, of NPCs fighting at the same time, a sense of scale that Skyrim could simply not achieve.

Likewise, the open world itself will be the biggest they've ever built, and separated by huge bodies of water. To circumvent this there will be a focus on naval exploration and combat, with players being able to pilot ships, Assassin's Creed style.

The leaker also claims the game has a target release of Q4 2024, which is a long ways off, but not surprising since the developers have made it clear Starfield is the main priority at the moment.


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28-04-20, 11:10 #4
caralho 2024 pqp

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28-04-20, 11:57 #5
Não só 2024, mas final de 2024 LOL

Eu tinha a ideia de só trocar de notebook quando saísse o próximo Elder Scrolls, porque aí já pegava um top notch pra jogar o jogo no máximo, só que meu note já tem uns 5-6 anos, será que ele aguenta mais 4? huaeauheauh

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PSN ID: duMagrao Steam ID: xuxuzao
28-04-20, 14:45 #6
Pode demorar 15 anos..
Acho todos os jogos da serie meio meh.
Entro no hype, compro. Informação pra caralho. Bodeio com 15h.

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Gamertag: kovyakov PSN ID: kvYkv Steam ID: kovyakov
28-04-20, 17:10 #7
Sera que vai ter so uma dungeon o jogo inteiro denovo?

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