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Default The way I heard it [Mike Rowe]

06-07-16, 15:46 #1
Mike Rowe é mais conhecido pelo seu programa no Discovery "Trabalho Sujo" (Dirty Jobs). Recentemente ele criou um podcast chamado "The way I heard it" que conta histórias reais de pessoas incríveis, num formato curto para as mentes curiosas do mundo, é ótimo pra quem tem problemas para se concentrar. O podcast é foda, enfim, o motivo do topic é o seguinte:

Tenho uma colega no trabalho que tá aprendendo inglês e se esforça pra krl, evoluiu muito em 1 ano já. Eu adoro praticar a língua, então quero que ela aprenda mais o quanto antes pra eu poder ter alguém pra praticar junto.

Aí tive a ideia de transcrever as histórias desse podcast, pra ela ouvir e acompanhar na leitura, ao mesmo tempo que eu pratico minha escuta/escrita do inglês E passo adiante uma história foda pra alguém.

vou deixar aqui os textos que eu for reproduzindo pra quem quiser aprender algo ou simplesmente pra passar o tempo.

link do podcast:

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06-07-16, 15:49 #2
Episode 09: The Longshot

When you get your face on a stamp, you know you’ve done something right.

When you get your face on two stamps, well, then you know you’ve done something extraordinary.

The face to which I’m referring belongs to L. M. Pavlichenko

And if the name doesn’t ring a bell, picture in your mind’s eye a war hero. Festoon with medals and awards, proudly receiving a soldier’s highest honor. That was Pavlichenko… a soldier’s soldier, with one indisputable unrivaled talent: killing Nazis.
From the start, Pavlichenko and guns went together like peas and carrots. As a teenager spent long hours working in a weapons factory, followed by daily visits to the shooting range. There, the fourteen-year old Ukrainian performed with the precision and consistency of a proven marksman.

So, when Hitler came calling in 1941, Pavlichenko volunteered for the infantry. But the Red Army wasn’t interested. There were standards, you see, especially when it came to combat. And not everyone measured up. Eventually, persistence paid off. As persistence so often does, and after refusing any endowed noncombat positions, the stubborn volunteer was finally given a chance.

Like an actor trying out for the lead in the high school play, Pavlichenko was invited to audition for the desired role, just outside of Odessa.

In the distance the targets were tiny. Even through the high powered telescopic sight of the Tokarev semi-automatic rifle, two Romanians, Nazi sympathizers, enemies of the Homeland.

Pavlichenko breathe in and slowly exhaled. A second later only one Romanian was standing. A second after that no Romanians at all. And with that, Pavlichenko was welcomed into the 25th Rifle Division and thrust directly into the action.
In no time the young private watched a close comrade die at the hands of Nazis. And that was not good, for Hitler’s army. Because the patriotism that drove Pavlichenko to enlist was now magnified, by a burning desire for vengeance.

In less than a week, dozens of Nazis were dispatched by the same rifle. In less than a month, over a hundred were shot dead. Another month, another hundred. Dead Nazis were stacking up like cordwood, and people spoke in hush tones of this demon with a rifle. Who was this private? That moved like a shadow, with nerves of steel, an ice water for blood*.

With each passing day the level of dread in Hitler’s army increased, and before long, lieutenant Pavlichenko began to accept assignments that were far more difficult with far greater risk, but the results were always the same: more dead Nazis.

Soon, the wannabe soldier that nobody wanted was given the most challenging assignment a sniper can accept: to hunt and kill enemy snipers. These legendary sniper duels were among the most notorious and nerve racking confrontations to ever unfold on the field of battle, and Pavlichenko went 36-0, before a wayward mortar round* ended the combat career of this most exceptional soldier.

So unprecedented were the accomplishments of this legendary sniper, Woody Guthrie wrote a song about it. The US issued an original Colt Pistol. The Canadians followed suit with the Winchester Rifle. While the Brits expressed their appreciation with a financial contribution. As for the Soviets, they issued a stamp that was mention here before, along with the Gold Star, the highest honor a soldier can earn.

After Pavlichenko died, in 1976, the motherland rode out a second stamp, to once again commemorate a true warrior, whose name struck fear into the very heart of Hitler’s army, know not as Pavlichenko, no one knew that name. The name that terrified the Nazis, the one that spread through the front lines of Hitler’s army, and inspiring dread in every turn, that name was Lady Death.

That’s right; Lyudmila Pavlichenko was without question the most prolific female sniper of all time. And today they are finally making a movie about the life of Lady Death, a sweet girl from the country , who rose through the ranks of a man’s army to single handedly kill 309* enemies. A longshot one might say, in every sense of the word.

* Ice water for blood – refers to the fact that ice water is the most effective thing to remove blood stains from clothes. So in this context goes as “Pavlichenko is the most effective soldier to kill Nazis”.

*Wayward mortar round – Pavlichenko got injured by a mortar fire in 1942, ending her part in the war. She was then sent to America on tours for propaganda.

*309 – this is the number of enemies Pavlichenko killed with an independent party to witness. Her real total is thought to be closer to around 500.


more info:

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Default The way I heard it [Mike Rowe]

07-07-16, 23:31 #3
boa, coloca uma copia no topic dos feminazis

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