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Gamertag: Mr Aqualungz Steam ID: Aqualunguer
31-07-16, 00:52 #76
Não percam tempo com Insider agora. 2/8 sai os updates pra build princpal.

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XFIRE ID: carniceiru
31-07-16, 13:50 #77
Cortana can’t be disabled in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

By Joel Hruska on July 28, 2016 at 7:30 am

Microsoft has decided that Cortana, its personal digital assistant, is so useful that you’ll never be able to disable it going forward. While Cortana has received a variety of upgrades in the Anniversary Update, and now supports multiple languages, deeper integration with calendars and applications, and can remember random facts about you, it can’t be flatly shut off any longer.

Microsoft has confirmed that this behavior is intention and is the result of integrating Cortana directly into Microsoft’s search box. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the search box is now Cortana,” Microsoft told PC World. “Customers can expect the same great search experience powered by Bing and Microsoft Edge with the added benefit of Cortana’s personality.”

You can still disable Cortana’s ability to collect information, stop her from collecting data about you, or connecting to various applications. Her behaviors, in other words, can still be controlled, including whether or not she listens for your voice, how much information she collects, and how personalized your own search results are. What isn’t controllable, going forward, is turning Cortana off and just using a “standard” Windows search bar. From this point forward, Cortana and search are the same thing.

There are still some questions to how all this will work in practice. Presumably while Microsoft claims you won’t be able to disable Cortana, you’ll still be able to use Windows Search when you aren’t connected to the Internet. The alternative, if you don’t want to use Cortana at all, appears to be to periodically flush whatever information the machine has picked up about you and to use a third-party search utility.

The alternative, if you don’t want to use Cortana, is to use a third-party search utility, continue using Windows 7 or 8.1, or switch to Linux. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the original Windows 10 build and then turn off Windows Update as soon as you install the operating system. The problem with going that route is that you won’t receive any security updates, either — and there’s no longer any way to distinguish between updates you do want and updates you don’t want in Windows 10.

How well this plays with users will depend on how locked-down Cortana can be in the Anniversary Update. It looks like all of the same features and functionality can be shut off, which would imply that Microsoft has basically renamed its search functions. If, on the other hand, Microsoft has stepped up the amount of information it relays behind the scenes, this could easily anger its user base yet again.



Why the hell did I install Windows 10?

By Jamie Lendino on July 28, 2016 at 1:33 pm

I’ve been using Windows PCs for over 25 years, and DOS for even longer. My first version of Windows was Windows/286, which I purchased and installed on a (you guessed it) 286-12 while I was in high school. My favorite version of Windows had been XP until 7 came out, and then that became my favorite.

During their times on the market, I also liked Windows 98 and even Windows 3.11 — I always hated the fact that the latter said “for Workgroups” in the title. I used Windows 3.11 because I needed to write papers for college or FTP Doom in a window. Then I’d drop to DOS so I could play Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. In my dorm room, no “workgroups” were in sight, unless my friends and I were sitting on the floor working out engineering problem sets with paper and pen and eating scallion pancakes at 12:30am.

But getting back to more recent times, I had been happily using Windows 7 for years. We regularly, sometimes even almost daily, run stories on Windows 10 and its various privacy issues and upgrade nags and backhanded, insidious ways to force you to install it. Someone even won a judgment against Microsoft because of it. Partially as a means of catharsis, we had a great chat with some of you, our readers, last weekend over whether anyone actually loves Windows as a whole, and it turns out many people do. Still, despite my satisfaction with Windows 7 and access to Windows 10 test machines, I installed Windows 10 on my main PC some time ago and have been using it ever since.

I can’t remember why.

No, seriously. I can’t figure out what I have now that I didn’t have when I was running Windows 7. Put aside the fact that Windows 8 and its derivatives were a disaster, and I tried and tried with that and eventually gave up and went back to Windows 7 a couple of years ago. You could argue, as my friend and colleague and sometimes-ET-contributor Matthew Murray does, that Windows 10 was mostly about righting the wrongs of Windows 8. “The main reason it’s important is because it walks back Windows 8 and returns the desktop to primacy on desktop/laptop computers,” Matthew said to me today. “It’s not so much what it does​, but what it undoes. And, for me at least, that’s no small thing.”

I agree 100 percent with that sentiment. But let’s put that Windows 8 PTSD stuff aside and get back to why Windows 10 is better than Windows 7. And I can’t get there, even after using it every day for months. I could give it faster boot times. I could theoretically give it improved security, although I’m still running Avast and have to worry about malware all the time, so I’m not sure what’s such a big deal there on a consumer level. The PC has also blue-screened on me a couple of times, but that’s happened to me in Windows 7. I just can’t figure out why Windows 10 is so important.

If someone swapped my drive out and put one in with Windows 7 and all of the same apps, what would happen? I’d see longer boot times with my still-fast SSD. I don’t talk to my PC. I don’t need DX12. I don’t have an Xbox. I still don’t have a touchscreen monitor. I don’t use built-in Windows apps for things like email and calendar appointments. While that’s all personal preference, I also don’t see anything in that list that seems like a must have for a large majority of people. It’s… basically the same way I’ve been using my PC all along.

On the eve of Microsoft Windows 10 leaving its “free” status and jumping to $119 for consumers, the biggest reason I can think of for telling someone to upgrade to Windows 10 is that it doesn’t hurt — at least as long as you either adapt to or disable its background data collection, and we’ve got a new how-to on that coming soon. And, oh, that if you upgrade, you’ll finally dismiss those horrific nag windows, and this is your last chance to get it for free. As for why that’s a big deal? I’m coming up empty. I feel like the past seven years should have brought us further along on the Windows PC desktop, and they really haven’t. Seriously, ET readers, what am I missing?



A tool that I created to use some of the known methods of disabling tracking in Windows 10.\

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PSN ID: esaporski Steam ID: esaporski
01-08-16, 07:17 #78
Postado por vegetous Mostrar Post
Esse DisableWinTracking funciona com aquele esquema de a M$ ter uns IPs hardcoded na kernel?

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XFIRE ID: carniceiru
01-08-16, 11:29 #79
Edit.: Isso seria pra não ter como fazer aquele esquema de redirecionar os endereços pra localhost por exemplo?

Mas isso não é problema, pois uma vez que os endereços fossem identificados, bastaria bloqueá-los com um firewall.

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PSN ID: fabiokobuti XFIRE ID: fabiokobuti Steam ID: fabiokobuti
01-08-16, 13:26 #80
Uma das coisas que eu não fazia idéia... Ele usa seu pc como seed para algumas partes das atualizações para outros usuários... Ou seja, p2p sem você "saber"

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PSN ID: lschronos2 Steam ID: lschronos
02-08-16, 14:05 #82
To mitigate, use a firewall, strengthen your Microsoft Live account password and avoid using Microsoft products such as Edge/Spartan, Internet Explorer (just saying..) and Outlook

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02-08-16, 21:42 #83
so afeta IE/Edge user ?

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XFIRE ID: carniceiru
02-08-16, 22:45 #84
praticamente ninguém então!

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XFIRE ID: carniceiru
03-08-16, 16:23 #85
Alguém aqui já fez o update de aniversário?

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XFIRE ID: B2YS Steam ID: b2ys
18-08-16, 07:56 #87
esse update de merda fodeu com o meu cs, o jogo crasha via steam! Só abre se for direto no diretório, mas dai não rola jogar comp
tava feliz com o w10 até então... depois dessa acho que vo formatar e botar w7 quando tiver tempo

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PSN ID: azanivan Steam ID: downcast
18-08-16, 08:10 #88
Esse foi o update que saiu essa semana?
Não notei nada de diferente por aqui, continua rodando tudo bem como já rodava.

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XFIRE ID: carniceiru
18-08-16, 08:44 #89
Negativo, vc recebeu atualização pro 1511, parece que o anniversary update pra pt-br por enquanto é só pra quem pegar o atualizador no site da M$.

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XFIRE ID: k00patroopa Steam ID: koopatroopa_
18-08-16, 19:07 #90
Aqui saiu o Annyversary... update gigante. ficou 1h30 pra atualizar...

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XFIRE ID: carniceiru
21-12-17, 15:49 #91
Fiz uma instalação ontem pra uma amiga, e o Windows 10 ainda está validando com chave do 7.

Faz uns dias eu li em algum lugar que a M$ iria finalmente cortar essa mamata a partir do próximo dia 01/01. Então quem ainda quiser aproveitar a promoção, é melhor se apressar!

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