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Default [fodona] Theresa Kachindamoto

25-01-18, 09:24 #1

Her name is Theresa Kachindamoto, and she is a senior chief of a district in Malawi. She has terminated over 840 child marriages and sent the children back to school (Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-afr...age-terminator )

"Malawi recently passed a law making marriage under the age of 18 illegal, but in many villages, custom supersedes law. The backlash was immediate, with some telling Kachindamoto she had no right to overturn tradition. She’s ignored the death threats, and is instead lobbying the government to increase marriageable age to 21."

"The chief has either paid the children’s school fees herself, or found sponsors for them. She makes sure the children stay in school through a network of “secret mothers and fathers” who monitor villages."
(Source: https://qz.com/658229/a-female-chief...ack-to-school/ )

"One of her most kickass accomplishments was annulling more than 850 child marriages over the past three years in the Dedza District. After seeing girls as young as 12 walking around with babies, Kachindamoto decided to put an end to these unions."

"Malawi has one of the highest rates of child marriages in the world, ranking at number eight out of 20 on a 2012 United Nations survey."

"In order to make change in her district, Kachindamoto got 50 sub-chiefs to sign an agreement to annul any existing child marriages and ban future ones. When four chiefs refused to honour the agreement, she suspended them until they annulled all the marriages in the Dedza District." (Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/10..._12539208.html )

I know this is just a collection of quotes, but it's something. And I gave some source websites so you can do more reading if you'd like (which I definitely recommend)

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25-01-18, 10:33 #2
Wow que tia fodassa.
É absurdo o tanto que a galera sofre na África por conta dessas questões culturais (principalmente casamento/sexo) e falta de informação. Achei isso aqui muito absurdo: "One in three young women in Africa is married before the age of 18." Que bom que existem pessoas locais para lutarem contra isso, porque só muda desse jeito. Valeu pelo post Jeep!

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25-01-18, 11:13 #3

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25-01-18, 11:39 #4
mulherão da por$#!

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25-01-18, 11:49 #5
feminismo de vdd

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25-01-18, 12:58 #6
Caraca, aí sim

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25-01-18, 14:06 #7
Mulherão da porra!! E nem precisou pintar o cabelo de roxo e urinar em espaço público..

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