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20-05-09, 19:21 #1
Audio of Christian Bale's "Terminator" Temper Tantrum Leaks

Remind us to never, ever get on Batman's bad side. Audio of Christian Bale flipping out on a director of photography Shane Hurlbut during the shoot of the upcoming Terminator: Salvation has hit the net, he's got some serious rage issues.

Christian Bale is British actor who broke out in American Psycho. He also earned a great deal of attention for his role in The Machinist for which he lost some 60 lbs. Most recently, he's starred in the Batman franchise hit, The Dark Knight.

Leaked to the web by TMZ.com, the audio was recorded by Terminator producers who were worried that Bale might walk off the set, and wanted to tape his rant for insurance purposes.

Even more interesting, however, is that the incident reportedly took place just days before Bale allegedly got into a physical confrontation with his mother and sister. We guess Mama and Sis Bale should just be glad they didn't wander into one of Christian's shots.
Axei q tinha algo aki sobre isso

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